A patient’s view: Wendy shares her story

Wendy Mould – one of Tim’s patients – shares her thoughts about her treatment this year, and looks ahead to the future.

Wendy Mould

Christmas is a lovely time of year but this year its special because I realise I am actually here being able to enjoy it. I could so easily – without the skills and the care of the cancer marathon team and research – not be here this year.

All of us that have been able to be operated on and survived are very grateful to everyone involved. Christmas is very special to me this year. I have really learnt to appreciate my home, my family and my friends, who also have been with me through this marathon.

I’m still only 5 months post-op and still probably have some way to go – learning to eat with a small stomach is still very hard at the moment. But I’m learning, and I’m now looking forward to the New Year and a new future with a lot more care of life than previous years.

Cancer is not all bad. It teaches you to value your world and that costs nothing. Cancer is one of the worst experiences of my life but I am so grateful I am here to see my grandchildren grow and every day is priceless.

My special thanks go to Tim Underwood who with his team operated on me and also to Donna Sharland, leading nurse who has been with me, answered all my questions, even when she was not on duty, and has kept me positive even when I was down.

Please if you have anything left after Christmas shopping, donate to the Cancer Marathon Team and help to stamp out the cruellest disease on earth, cancer.

Thank you.


Wendy Mould

One thought on “A patient’s view: Wendy shares her story

  1. Whose a clever girl then. I am so thrilled at your news Wendy. I saw the film before I saw your blog.

    What a wonderful Xmas present for you and Mike and your family. This year has been so horrible for you, I coulde’nt begin to know how you felt.

    You look really good, which is because you are happy at your news.

    Have a lovely, lovely Christmas both of you. Enjoy your trip. Will phone soon to arrange a day for you and Mike to come over. I will get a bag of Maltesers I know you can suck them.

    Happy Christmas

    Luv Mary xxx

    Date: Sun, 22 Dec 2013 16:07:25 +0000 To: mary.dunn42@hotmail.com

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